Biomedical engineering industry is growing rapidly and is one of the most promising areas of engineering future. Biomedical Engineering opens new opportunities for career growth and professional development.

Training students on "Biomedical engineering" aimed at obtaining engineering and technical knowledge, skills and abilities to create tools and methods, improvement and research of natural and artificial biological objects, machinery, materials and medical products, technologies and technical systems for diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of human diseases, as well as software and information technologies for solving applied and fundamental problems of biology and medicine.

The joint master’s program in “Biomedical Engineering”, which starts in September, 2015, has been developed with participation of leading BME experts from 7 EU countries (Greece, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania) within frameworks of TEMPUS IV «Biomedical Engineering Education Tempus Initiative in Eastern Neighboring Area» (BME-ENA) project, with support of Tempus Program of the European Union.